Tabletop Playground Wiki

You can play Tabletop Playground in VR using mouse and keyboard, but for more immersion we recommend using motion controllers. Tabletop Playground supports Vive Wands and Oculus Touch controllers. At any time, you can look at your motion controllers for a few seconds to see a visual guide what each control element does.

When you use motion controllers, the controls work a bit different than with mouse and keyboard. First, you have a main hand and secondary hand. By default, your right hand is the main hand, you can change that in the interface settings. When you open a UI dialog, it will get attached to your secondary hand.

There are two cursor modes for motion controllers: the regular mode works similar to the usual screen cursor. A line is projected from your main hand controller and you point at where you want the cursor to be. In free cursor mode, the cursor is directly attached to you main hand, which enables more natural interactions. You can press the main hand grip button (middle finger) while holding an object to freely rotate it as you rotate your hand.

You have several options of moving around in the world when using motion controllers: First, there’s teleporting. By pressing a button (on the Vive wands) or the stick on the Touch controllers, you can teleport to the position of the cursor. If you hold the button, you can also determine what direction to face after teleporting. Second, you can press and hold the secondary hand index finger trigger to drag yourself around in the world. When you let go of the button while you drag, you can propel yourself around quickly! Finally, you can activate stick/touchpad movement in the interface settings and use the secondary hand stick or touchpad to move around.

When you press the grip button on both motion controllers simultaneously, you can rotate the world around you if turning by dragging is activated in the settings. You can also change your size by changing the distance between the controllers before releasing the grip buttons. And while you hold the main hand trigger button, you can do 45° instant turns using the main hand stick or touchpad.

By default, you don’t collide with the table and can walk through it. In the interface settings, you can turn on table collision. That allows you to teleport yourself on top of the table and make yourself smaller to walk around among your game pieces! In the settings, you can also switch to fly mode, which won’t restrict you to standing on the ground and allows you to move up and down with the main hand stick/touchpad.