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Containers are a game object in Tabletop Playground.


Containers are an object type in Tabletop Playground. You can put other objects into a container by dropping them onto it. You can take objects out of a container by clicking and quickly dragging off the container. If you want to grab a container, click and hold until you pick it up.

The type of a container determines how objects are taken out. There are four variants:

Random: Take out one of the contained objects at random.

Infinite Random: Take out a random object, but keep a copy of it in the container.

Stack: Take the first inserted object out last.

Queue: Take the first inserted object out first.

Infinite queue: Take the first inserted object out first, but keep a copy and move it to the end of the queue.

Containers have a custom context action:

Empty: Removes (and deletes) all objects from the container.

Containers have a custom property:

Container Type: The type of the container.

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