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Cards are a game object in Tabletop Playground.


Cards are an object type in Tabletop Playground. The main difference to generic objects is that cards can be stacked: if you drop a card onto another card or stack of the same shape and size, both will get combined into a stack. The interaction button flips a card. You can take the top card from a stack by dragging it off. If you want to take a whole stack, click on it and hold until you pick up the stack.

While you hold a card, its face isn’t visible to other players (they will only see a grey blur). To prevent cheating, the card front face is not visible for yourself either while you hold a card with its back face up.

Card stacks have two custom context actions:

Shuffle: Randomly shuffles the cards in the stack.

Deal: Gives out a card to each card holder present in the game.

Technical details[]